Samsung Flexible OLED Display Phones Reportedly in Mass Production, Pegged for 2013 Release

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Samsung Flexible OLED Display Phones Reportedly in Mass Production, Pegged for 2013 Release

Samsung brings the perfect solution to butter-fingered users with its whole new range of flexible phones and tablets which are expected to hit the market early next year. Reportedly, the company has claimed that these bendable phones are unbreakable and able to withstand drops and blows with displays made from plastic and not glass.

The limber polymer plastic used for the displays is responsible for lending the phones the ability to suffer all these impacts and still be unharmed unlike other phones which can develop cracks on their screens.

At this point in time, the price range of these unique devices or Samsung"s expenditure to develop them is not known. However, it is rumored that the devices will be launched next year, probably in the first half.

The bending feature of the phones is due to the use of OLEDs, which is a digital display technology that is ultra-thin allowing it to be laid on flexible materials like plastic, foil etc. As such, these plastic displays combined with OLEDs will lend the quality of bending without breaking to the phones.

Some smartphones and TV sets of Samsung already make use of OLED technology. Sony and LG also are in the process of rolling out devices using this unique feature.

The company based in South Korea made whopping business so far this year, with the third quarter yielding about $ 6 billion profit in sales. Samsung"s futuristic videos shows a simple day in life with wrist-computers, display screens in auto dashboards, computer screens mounted on walls, which are made of plastic and so on. The rumor about flexible phones indicates that Samsung definitely seems to be in sight of its vision.

Source: The Wall Street Journal , Daily News

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