Samsung: Gadget with flexible display

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Samsung: Gadget with flexible display

Already we all know about the flexible AMOLED displays of Samsung and also about the concepts that the technology has. But do we know how it will be to have actual devices with such bendable displays?

Well, for this the above image might be the first one that you are seeing. The Samsung's device in the photo is likely to resemble a media player but definitely not a smartphone. The curved display looks too intriguing.

In 2011, Samsung has promised that it will launch flexible displays in consumer devices within 2012. And the leaked photos indicate that the company hasn't forgotten it. Already, the company has plans to release a new smartphone, Galaxy S3 at the Mobile World Congress this month. This smartphone is rumored to have the flexible display.

The benefits of these bendable displays are quite enormous and to mention few of them, they will not be damaged due to falls, shocks and accidents. These will also consume less power when compared with normal displays.

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