Samsung Galaxy S3: New Ad Teases Apple Fanboys Lining up for iPhone 5 Outside Apple Stores [Video]

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Samsung Galaxy S3: New Ad Teases Apple Fanboys Lining up for iPhone 5 Outside Apple Stores [Video]

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The South Korean giants seems to be on a killing spree against the Apple's newly launched iOS 6 powered handset iPhone 5.

This can be said as Samsung is attacking the next iPhone in every way possible. Firstly Samsung rolled out a print ad touting the offerings of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3 handset with iPhone 5.

And now the Galaxy series creator has come up with a new TV commercial, which targets the Apple fanboys who are lining up outside the Apple stores ahead of the iPhone 5's release on Friday.

This advertisement was released on Wednesday, the day when the Cupertino tech titan released the latest iteration of its mobile OS – the iOS 6 for download through an OTA update.

The commercial shows Apple fanboys standing in a long line awaiting the iPhone 5 outside the Apple retail stores in several cities. the manufacturer's retail stores. The Apple fanboys are shown talking about the new features of the sixth generation iPhone including new headphone jack on the bottom and the Lightening dock connector and making fun of these features.

It also shows a guy using Samsung Galaxy S3, saving a spot in the line for his parents, pointing out that the iPhone 5 is meant for the older generation.

The ad teases them as an Apple fanboy proudly says "This year, we're finally getting everything we didn't get last year,” hinting the presence of a larger 4 inch screen and 4G, which were present in Galaxy S3 few months ago.

Also, the commercial reminds the viewers about the lack of main features like NFC and sharing options in the iPhone 5.

Finally, Samsung has not forgot to show that some of the Apple fanboys like the Galaxy S3, thereby attracting the iPhone 5 consumers to its line.

This TV commercial follows the newspaper ad posted by the South Korean tech giant showing how the iPhone 5's features are pale when they are compared with those of the Galaxy S3.

Check out the commercial below.

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