Samsung Galaxy S3's design in rumor again

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Samsung Galaxy S3's design in rumor again

Samsung Galaxy S3 has become a rumor gadget. It is being rumored about almost everyday. Now there is another rumor on the fire about its design and user interface. The sources claim the unseen device to have a hardware home button. It claims that the topic was under discussion and that it was decided before the mass production.

The team wanted to have a button less front panel for the handset just as in the Nexus. But all of a sudden, the whole design was changed. The on-screen buttons only design will actually favor the Android 4.0 ICS operating system. This was preferred by some and the others liked the physical home button.

The rumor doesn't end with the addition of the home button but also claims that the smartphone will have a 5 column user interface. This was already employed in Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note. This leaves the 4 row TouchWiz that was used by the first couple of Galaxy S phones.

The handset is speculated to have a screen size of 4.6 to 4.8 inches which will be good to view the five row user interface. This will be great with the Super AMOLED display of 720p as rumored earlier.

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