Samsung is working on a dual screen tablet

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Samsung is working on a dual screen tablet

After introducing a number of Galaxy Tabs, the manufacturer is now reported to be working on a dual screen tablet. The company has filed a patent for dual screen design for a mobile device. The image shows that the dual screen tablet will have the Galaxy Tab nickname but in a clamshell form factor. It will also include a remote control.

Firstly, Toshiba launched the dual touchscreen display in the Libretto notebook. Acer followed it with the Iconia 6120 dual touchscreen notebook. Finally, Sony came to the list with the Tablet P that has two 5.5 inch touchscreens to form the clamsheel design.

Samsung is working on a dual screen tablet

The new patent that is filed by Samsung is something similar to this. It is a slightly different take on the same design. The illustrations and images associated with the patent show that the device has much larger screens. There is also a remote control that can be accommodated with the tablet itself.

As of now, it is very early to predict the software platform or the operating system that will run the device. It can be either Android or Windows 8. Decent software implementations will be needed to attract the consumers to the device. However, it is an interesting concept. But still the dual screen tablets launched by the others in the past were not so successful.

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