Samsung’s Next Display Innovation Might Start A New Era Of Slideable PCs


Samsung is the undisputed king of foldable display technology. With clever generational upgrades, the tech giant has nearly perfected its foldable phone line-up (Galaxy Z Flip & Z Fold). The fourth-generation Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold devices are more durable and practical than any other foldable phone out there.

Samsung’s New Display Innovation Might Start A New Era Of Slideable PC

Samsung now appears to be developing a new category of foldable consumer devices to amplify with productivity and entertainment. The company has unveiled a 17-inch screen with slideable display technology. Samsung Display CEO JS Choi demonstrated the prototype at Intel Innovate 2022, dubbing it the world's first "slideable" display for PCs.

The new Samsung slideable display is essentially a 13-inch flexible OLED that, with the press of a remote button, expands (from both ends) into a larger and fully functional 17-inch monitor. When not in use, the massive 17-inch display shrinks back to its original 13-inch size for use as a portable tablet device. The concept device booted with Intel's new Unison software.

The display implementation sounds similar to LG's signature rollable TVs and Oppo's X 2021 rollable phone, but Samsung may be doing something different to call it a slideable tablet rather than a rollable tablet. Or is it just a naming convention to give the new device a distinct identity? More information about the tablet has yet to be revealed by Samsung.

According to, Samsung is also demonstrating the slideable OLED technology to some PC manufacturers in preparation for a potential future collaboration. We wouldn't be surprised if Lenovo or Asus used a slideable/rollable OLED made by Samsung in their future hybrid devices.

Furthermore, if Samsung decides to release a non-Intel slideable device, it will include Samsung's OneUI software, which should ideally adjust to 13-inch and 17-inch screen sizes based on the user's needs and convenience.


While it's too early to tell, Samsung could bundle the unique sliding tablet with a slew of accessories to maximize the massive 17-inch display. Such a large OLED panel could have numerous productivity and entertainment applications. The S-Pen and a magnetic keypad, for example, would expand the slideable tablet's use cases.

Overall, the future of folding display devices seems exciting and we can't wait to see what brands have in store for the coming years.

Image- Intel

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