Samsung’s Next-Gen Foldable Smartphones To Be Bigger, More Durable; Check Details


When it comes to mobile innovation, Samsung is miles ahead of most smartphone brands including Apple. With the release of the Galaxy Fold and Flip handsets in 2019, the Korean tech giant disrupted the foldable phone industry. Since then, the company has worked tirelessly to improve the foldable smartphone series' design, durability, and display technologies.

Samsung’s Next-Gen Foldable Smartphones To Be Bigger, More Durable

Samsung recently unveiled the next-generation Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4, which are easily the most advanced foldable devices on the market. And it appears that Samsung is only getting started.

According to reports, the tech behemoth is now working on next-generation foldable handsets that could usher in a completely new type of display technology. Here are the developments:

Why Next-Gen Samsung Galaxy Foldable Phones Coming Void Of Ultra Thin Glass Material

Samsung is reportedly planning to use a different material to design its upcoming foldable phones. The current generation of Samsung foldable phones is layered with Ultra Thin Glass (UTG). However, the brand speculates that this glass material might not be suitable for large screen sizes; specifically tablet-sized devices. This is why Samsung is considering switching to using a different material type as a top layer for its next lot of foldable phones with extra-large screen sizes.

One of the biggest factors why Samsung opt not to use Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) for its next-generation foldable phones is durability. Samsung is betting high in the foldable display market and aims to bring foldable tablets and even notebooks in the future. While UTG is flexible, it being a glass material is a con for large sizes.

Samsung’s Next-Gen Foldable Smartphones To Be Bigger, More Durable

This Is The Material Samsung Plans To Use For The Next Lot Of Foldable Phones!

Samsung might replace the UTG with a transparent polyamide film as the extra layer on the foldable phones. But this won't be the first time that Samsung will be integrating the polyamide film as a protective layer for its foldable phones' display.


The South Korean tech giant had already used this material with the first Galaxy Fold model which was released back in 2019. But later, the company switched to UTG material for its foldable phones.

Samsung has not yet confirmed if it will use the polyamide film protection for its large-screen foldable phones or will switch to any other material.

Nevertheless, it seems Samsung is just not taking any chances with the future Galaxy Fold phones' durability in a bid to achieve the best foldable design.


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