Samsung to launch 6.7 inch Galaxy Note 2 Quad

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Samsung to launch 6.7 inch Galaxy Note 2 Quad

Samsung has announced that it is planning a new phone that is again a combination of smartphone and tablet. This is a continuation of the Galaxy Note. Samsung Galaxy Note, the 5.3 inch smartphone has pushed the boundaries of our expectations out of a phone.

But if you think that the innovations of Samsung stop there, you are wrong. The company has now plans to introduce Galaxy Note 2 Quad. This is a monstrous phone with a 6.7 inch screen. As of now, no technical details about this upcoming device.

Samsung has explained that they want to create a phone that is double the size of the Apple iPhone. The rest of the specs is not of concern explains the company. They have also given a hint that it will have something quad in it.

The company is preparing a campaign for creative marketing to explain the benefits of such large screen phones. They have not started with the manufacturing process of this device.

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