Satya Nadella is Microsoft's New CEO: 3 Things He Needs to do, 3 Things He Wants to do


In case you haven't been that up-to-date with what's happening around you, Indian-born Satya Nadella has been appointed as only the third Microsoft CEO in the company's 38-year history - following Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

Nadella, with his new found responsibilities in the company, will now have former CEO Bill Gates by his side as a technology advisor, and will look to focus on mobile and cloud enterprises while he prepares to guide Microsoft to the next level of technology.

Satya Nadella is Microsoft's New CEO: Things He Needs and Wants to Do


"Today is a very humbling day for me," said Nadella in an internal memo to all Microsoft employees. "It is an incredible honor for me to lead and serve this great company of ours."

Nadella also outlined his reasons for working at Microsoft in a broad letter that also spoke about his 22-year history at the company. "While we have seen great success, we are hungry to do more," he wrote. "This is a critical time for the industry and for Microsoft. Make no mistake, we are headed for greater places - as technology evolves and we evolve with and ahead of it. Our job is to ensure that Microsoft thrives in a mobile and cloud-first world."

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And now with that out of the way and all the festivities coming to an end, it's time for some work to be done in order to lift the company even further, and Nadella seems like the perfect person for the job.

But with big power, comes big responsibility. And being the CEO of a company such as Microsoft is not something that comes around your way often. However, it can be assumed that Mr. Nadella already has a few plans up his sleeve that he might want to implement while he serves his time as the company's CEO - and there also might be some things that he might want to (or have to) do but hasn't planned on.


So what are the things that he wants to do and has to do as the CEO of Microsoft? We take a look at three different things spread in two categories that Mr. Nadella wants to do and has to do.

What Satya Nadella Wants to Do:

Figure Out the Hardware Startegy

Previous Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer worked on the potential reorganizing of Microsoft with several strategies involving services and devices. However, Nadella, on his appointment, didn't mention anything as such. Now with the company looking to investigate on the finer points as to why Nokia suffered bad sales records in the last quarter, and why the company's Surface tablets haven't generated the expected revenue even though the company recorded sales figures for the same, it will be up to Nadella to face the music and come out with better startegies.

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Better Coordination with Board

Of all the primary things Nadella will be looking to do, one of them is easily to have a better coordination with others in the company's board of members - and this includes former CEO Bill Gates. With Nadella's involvement with the company now increasing with his latest designation, it is needed to be seen as to how his vision to improve the products and technology section will balance out with that of Mr. Gates.

Hire a Potent Management Team

Nadella has traveled a lot, in terms of his association with Microsoft, before he could be appointed as the company's new CEO. And that meant toppling others - such as Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner and former Skype head Tony Bates - before he could eventually be offered the designation. Now it will be seen as to how he coordinates with these guys.

What Satya Nadella Needs to Do:

Better Understanding of Nokia's Mobile Division

Although Nokia was acquired by Microsoft for $7.3 billion, there have been reports circulating everywhere about a potential Nokia device running on the Google-based Android platform. While the company will add more than 25k employees in its list of already present 100k workers, it is massively rumored that Nokia will make use of the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) event - to be held in Barcelona, Spain - to introduce its Android-powered device to the world. Now Nadella has to work on stopping that effort in time to further the relationship between both the companies for a much brighter future - Windows Phone-wise.

Cloud-Oriented Future

Before becoming the CEO of the company, Nadella was involved with Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise division. And now he must look to integrate the technology in almost every other sector the company has under it. Guessing by his prior expertise in the field (shifting most of the softwares to the cloud), Nadella shouldn't face much problem if he indeeds decides to do that.

Betterment of Windows and Other OSs

While Microsoft is still striving for some success in the mobile platform business with its Windows Phone offering - that's mostly dominated by the likes of Android and iOS - it has to look for a way out, financially, with its original and massively popular Windows operating system for PC and laptops. Currently, the company hasn't been able to attain that popularity with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 upgrade since the touch-first "modern" interface using large tiles isn't everybody's cup of tea. The company, now under Nadella, will have to look into those issues and offer people that's user-friendly and doesn't involve diverting from the original course.

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