Saving battery in Android devices

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Saving battery in Android devices

The Android devices that are available today are a result of a long time efforts on both software and hardware that have experienced lot of improvements. Currently, the fast applications and multi-core processors are mainstream and the Android operating system in the tablets and smartphones are of tough competition to the personal computers.

In order to increase the computing power of these devices and to make them faster, the applications put up a heavy load on the battery and thereby declines the performance of the battery gradually. The bigger batteries are of course available in the market and they are gaining popularity but still there are limits in the dimensions as they impact on the appearance of the device.

The manufacturers are trying to optimize the utilization of the batteries but leaving the software that controls the battery behind, there are some other things also. The following are the tips to save the battery in the Android devices.


The display of smartphones can consume about 60% of the battery power. If it is used properly, the battery life can be improved greatly. The brightness can be reduced to the optimal level. Also the idle time of the screen can be reduced. An optimal level is usually around 10 to 15 minutes.

Wireless Connectivity

The smartphones have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and the manufacturers will have these radios always turned on to enable seamless connectivity. If these are turned off then they can help in improving the battery life. You can do this by navigating to the settings and locating the wireless and networks option. In there uncheck the radio option of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth whenever they are not required.


The hi-speed networks usually offer very fast speeds but they also consume more battery power. Turning off the 3G when it is not needed is an ideal option. This can be done in the similar manner as in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can choose the only 2G network when you do not require 3G.


The GPS is great for navigation and also for geo-tagging of the photos. This doesn't work effectively while turning it off and so to prolong the battery life, this has to be turned off. This can be done by going to the location and security option in settings and unchecking the GPS satellites option.

Task Manager

The multitasking means running several applications in the background using a low power state. Though it is in low power state it requires power for processing. You can kill the applications that are not needed using the task manager to save the power.

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