Say no to touch and gestures

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Say no to touch and gestures

At CES 2012 starting tomorrow at Las Vegas, Tobii which is indulged in making technologies that watches what appears on the screen is displaying a gaze-controlled laptop and introduce the eye control interface for the Windows 8 platform.

The paper of the technology is pretty cool and scifiish. We normally use our eyes to see but not to control. There is huge difference between seeing something that is on the screen and controlling it. Eyes are for input and not for output.

This technology makes use of a combination of eyesight and touch to control the interface. Incase you want to launch a tile, you have to select the tile that has to be launched and them press down the Windows key and look at the particular tile and release the key.

It is actually easier to look at something that is on the screen but quite difficult to mouse over it. When this comes in terms of the actual effort and speed, this is pretty tough and we hope that it works well.

Tobii makes it work by shooting the infrared lights to your eyes and makes use of the two IR cameras for capturing the reflective point in the retina and the glint off the eye'c cornea. By using the results, it will build a 3D model of the eye.

There is still no prediction about the premium for this technology as that of the touchscreen for the laptops was $200 to $400.

The Tobii technology knows where the person is looking and offers some feedback but it does not react until you press and release the key. This technology is quite intuitive to use and it is snappy. Tobii has effectively converted the glances into input signals.

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