Scientists Observe Back Of A Black Hole For The First Time; Prove Einstein's General Relativity


Einstein's general relativity theory is still a mystery for astrophysicists, where there is little evidence to both prove and disprove this theory. According to the latest update in the world of astrophysics, one of the concepts of the general relativity theory has been proved valid.


Scientists have now successfully detected the light behind the black hole and are confirmed to follow the theory of general relativity by Einstein. Space researchers have now detected bright flares of x-ray from a black hole, located 800m light years away from the earth. These flares were observed by a group of scientists while study a phenomenon called corona (not the virus). The telescope has also picked luminous echoes, which were small and different in color.

What Is A Black Hole?

A black hole is usually a place in space with extremely high gravitational pull, where even the light that enters into the black hole cannot escape. Black holes come in various sizes, where a black hole starts to grow as it starts absorbing the mass surrounding it. In fact, black holes are even capable of absorbing planets and even stars.

What Is Einstein's General Relativity Theory?

Einstein's theory of general relativity states that the light gravitational pull around a black hole will bend the light, which usually otherwise travels in a straight line. The moment of the light around a black hole will be similar to a magnetic field around a magnet, states Roger Blandford, a space researcher. He further states that they had no idea that one day they might be able to observe this phenomenon live in action.

Another scientist named Dan Wilkins from Stanford University said that the light that goes into the black hole does not come out, hence one will not be able to observe the back of the black hole. In this case, they were able to see the back of the black hole, as it is wrapping the space along with bending and twisting the magnetic field around it.


This phenomenon should help scientists to understand space in a better manner. Not just that, they might also be able to design new technology once they understand how black holes work, as they are known for emitting an enormous amount of electromagnetic waves.


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