Scrap CPUs are a source of gold

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Scrap CPUs are a source of gold


A student of China has extracted the purest form of gold from the scrap CPUs and is titled “modern alchemist.”

The student, Li Dianwu of Nankai University located in Tianjin in the North China has selected a pile of useless CPUs and dissolved them in sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide and thiourea solution. Then he has filtered this solution with activated carbon.

He has then put this activated carbon filled with metal in a furnace and obtained about 65 milligrams of gold when heated at 1,100 degrees Celcius.

The three beads of gold he extracted at found to be very pure with about 99.99% of gold content in them.

Though Li's process is not poisonous, people are requested not to follow the example as the process requires professional equipment and knowledge.

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