Seagate Introduces Fastest 6TB Hard Drive in the World

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Here's some great news for all those currently saving up money to invest on a brand new hard drive for storing data or making big backups of whatever important data they have. And the good news has been delivered via Seagate -- one of the primary names in external storage solutions.

According to reports, Seagate has announced an exclusive 6TB hard drive for all its fans. And if you are already raising your eye-brows due to that 6GB storage tag, there's even more news that will make you even more excited. Apparently, the hard drive will come featuring 7,200 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) which means that it will offer the world's fastest access time in a 6TB hard disk.

Seagate Introduces Fastest 6TB Hard Drive in the World

Amazingly enough, Seagate has also somehow managed to fit the new 3.5-inch HDD with six platters, each of which count up to 1TB in size. Now with the new introduction, Seagate has successfully joined Western Digital's previously exclusive 6TB hard drive club.

While the fastest hard drive ever made is a great prospect, one of the major difference between the two hard drives from Seagate and WD is that the former's 6TB drive isn't filled up with Helium while the latter's drive is indeed.

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And for all of you who doesn't know about the kind of effect Helium has on a hard drive, Helium-filled drives actually perform better as the gas becomes thinner compared to air, helping the platters move faster due to reduction in air-resistance.

Such drives also have the advantage to generate less heat, while consuming less power as well. However, mid-range consumer hard drives are yet to ship with Helium gas filled inside.

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As of now, Seagate hasn't made any announcements regarding any other info related to the newly unveiled hard drive. The device, however, has been priced at $600.

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