Security Bug in iOS: Allows app to access photos

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Security Bug in iOS: Allows app to access photos

The New York Times has found out an issue with the iOS applications that allows them to access your photos without your knowledge. They even demonstrated this issue by making a developer to create a duplicate app that is not submitted to the App Store. This popped notifications asking for the user's location as in the image and when it is provided, it will have the access to the photos that are stored in the device.

Apple had declined to comment on this issue but the reports say that this is not because of a flaw in the design but because of the presence of a bug in iOS. Apple is working on this for quite some time and it is likely to bundle the fix for the next iOS version.

It is not new for apps to access the files in the device as it has happened in many cases like desktop computers at all times and on malware infested Android smartphones. But when it comes to Apple, a company that screens each and every app that is submitted on the App Store, the occurrence of such an issue is annoying. This behavior of an application violates the App Store's guidelines that states that the apps that fail to perform as per the developer's advertisement will be rejected.

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