Self-combustion of iPhone [Video]

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Self-combustion of  iPhone [Video]

Apple iPhone is one among the most desired smartphones across the world. It is a dream phone for many. But, the video in this article could surprise you as an iPhone has been caught fuming on its own.

Henri Helminen, a 17 year old was on his way to work on Monday morning while his iPhone has started smoking. As per a post from Finnish pub SK24, a 90 day old iPhone has combusted on its own. The smartphone was resting on his pocket while it started fuming. He claims that the device was working pretty well before this blazing incident.

Thankfully, he has managed to take the handset out of his pocket and toss it over thereby avoiding major injuries. The nearby security camera has captured the video of the self combusting iPhone.

So far, the reason for the self-incinerate of iPhone is not known. However, it is expected to be due to the lithium ion battery. If the battery is short circuited accidentally, it will get hot enough to melt a phone.

What do you think is the reason for such an incident? Watch the video and tell us your thought by dropping a comment.

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