Siri dictation available for Mac or PC

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Siri dictation available for Mac or PC


Siri is a voice assistant feature that helps you control and communicate with your iPhone by means of your voice and this can be done by simple speaking with your phone. This is very useful as the feature is quite intelligent and helps you in finding the answers for the questions that you ask. You can also make this to compose messages, emails and make phone calls by commanding it.

It will be very useful if the same feature is available for Mac users but Apple will obviously take a very long time to get this done for the Mac. To help the make Mac users with this feature, there is a recent TouchPad app from Edovia and this app will offer the dictation services for the Mac or other PC users. The TouchPad app is available for a price of about $4.99 for both iPhone and iPad. This app can turn any of the iOS devices into collective remote devices for input and these can be used to control the computer.

This app will offer a trackpad that can control the on-screen cursor, a virtual keyboard for Mac and also a remote that can control the media playback. This new 4.0 version of TouchPad app employs the modifier keys that are visible and it is easy to use the keyboard shortcuts.

This version of the app has added some support to the new shortcuts and to the media players. The other modifications of the app includes the support for the improved version of international keyboards, refined zooming screen gesture and better performance of help documentation.

With this app, you can simple type on a Mac or PC by using the dictation feature of Siri. Usually you will see the normal standardized keyboard in the TouchPad app but now you can find the Siri icon in it.and this can be used by simply tapping on it to open the user interface of dictation feature.

If Siri works excellently on your phone, then it will be the same on your computer as well. If it doesn't on phone then the same applies to computer also.

This new version of the TouchPad app is definitely not a replacement of the full-fledged and actual dictation app. The typical dictation app for Mac would be the Dragon Dictate from Nuance while that for Windows would be the Dragon NaturallySpeaking. But still you will feel that the TouchPad app's version to be the best one to send short and immediate emails and tweets without any trouble.

What TouchPad does is, it takes the transcribed input from Siri and send it to your computer take it Mac or PC and then lets you to perform any feature of Siri on your computer. Considering the performance of the text inputs, it is quite effortless and convenient when it comes to dictating to your Mac or PC.

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