SITI Cable Network signs Interconnect Agreement with LCOs

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SITI Cable Network signs Interconnect Agreement with LCOs

‘SITI Cable Network limited’, a leading cable television service provider in India has signed an interconnect agreement with Local Cable Operators. The agreement is currently being referred to as ‘Digital Addressable System (DAS) interconnect agreement. The agreement covers a total of 55% of the Local Cable Operators and was done as part of their commitment of digitization across top metros. The latest agreement allows cable operators to provide encrypted TV channel signals for its subscribers. 

However the execution of LCO interconnects agreement is slowing down as SITI is the only MSO who is working towards execution of this agreement. The company is also helping the LCOs for collaborating with them for training which will help the latter to move in to the new age of digitization. As part of this, SITI cable network has kept in place a new system known as ‘Own Your Customer’ management system. The new system is designed for enabling LCO’s for handling transactions of its subscriber base on their own. 

The list of subscriber related transactions include:

  • Activation/Deactivation

  • Up gradation/Down gradation

  • Billing

  • Payment

  • Account Statement

  • Packing

  • Complaints etc

The new system is designed for the empowerment and uplifting of cable operators from across the country. With the emergence of a digital platform, cable operators will be able to deliver better and quicker services to their subscribers and thereby build up a stronger customer relationship. The new Subscriber Management System can be accessed by cable operators from devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. Sources suggest that Government is keenly monitoring the progress report of Cable TV Digitization.

Some of the key benefits, digitization brings on Cable TV include: 

  • Enhanced viewing experience

  • More number of TV channels

  • Superior picture quality

  • Enhanced sound quality

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