Smartphone addiction cause digital amnesia: Survey

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Excess use of smartphones and internet can kill your memory, leading to so-called "digital amnesia," says a new survey. According to the survey conducted by global software security group Kaspersky Lab, most of us nowadays do not think about recalling information using our memory and resort to search engines looking for quick answers.

Smartphone addiction cause digital amnesia: Survey

Many users in the survey of 1,000 people were so dependent on their devices that they were worried at the thought of losing them, WTNH Connecticut News reported.

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Nearly 91 percent of the people said they use internet as an online extension of their brain. Almost half of them said their smartphone serves as their memory.

Smartphone addiction cause digital amnesia: Survey

Many adults could not remember important phone numbers of family members and friends. The survey also showed that people are not doing much to protect their information online.

Less than a third of the people surveyed put security precautions on heir devices.

Source: IANS

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