Smartphone users unhappy with battery life

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Smartphone users unhappy with battery life

The word smartphone might remind you lot of things like fancy designs, apps, high definition screens and multicore processors. Currently for some of the users, it reminds of battery life. A sector where they have lost satisfaction.

A survey was conducted with 7,080 smartphone users in the third and fourth quarter of 2011. This survey was regarding the battery performance. The users ranked it as 6.9 out of 10 indicating that they are least satisfied on this. In fact few of them are declining in the ratings.

Above all, the satisfaction is not spread out equally. The users of 4G smartphones are especially grumpy about it. These handsets have got a rating of 6.1 out of 10 while the 3G handsets have got 6.9 on 10.

This is acceptable as the 4G smartphones especially the LTE ones have more features like HD screens and multicore chipsets. These advanced features will obviously hog the battery to a great extent.

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