Smartphones to detect diseases in future

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Smartphones to detect diseases in future


In future, smartphones will be able to find out diseases in humans. Yes, this concept is being developed by Researchers at Korea and can be implemented to detect diseases as grave as cancer.

According to these researchers, the touchscreen interface that a mobile phone provides can be used to detect diseases through bio molecular matter. Human DNA can also be recognized by the touchscreens once the researchers complete the development process.

The touchscreens sense the electronic charges of the human body once a user places a finger on the touchscreen and since these charges are carried by proteins, they too are recognized. Then these proteins can be used to diagnose whether a person has cancer or not.

The Korean Research team also stated that they are developing a film of reactive materials which can identify biochemicals through touches.

In addition to the above, the smartphones will also be able to test urine samples of patients as well. This will be done by placing the urine sample of patients on a thin strip and will be given to the phone at specific points called entrance points. The touchscreen will then be able to recognize the urine samples in the same way in which biochemical reactions are recognized when a finger is placed over it.

This novel technology, once implemented is going to eliminate the need for seperate medical tests and make the smartphone a revolutionary gadget altogether. Thus, the mobile phone is surely a boon to mankind.


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