Software bug in Samsung Galaxy S3

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Software bug in Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung launched its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3 in May. The handset with its exciting features made all the heads turn towards it. Now, before we speak about the issue, the Galaxy S3 has a pretty decent battery as the other high end smartphones. But, shockingly, this does not apply to all the smartphone units.

Some Galaxy S3 owners have been reporting bout poor battery life. The team at XDA Developers are reporting that a software issue is the reason for this. The battery on the SGS3 is reported to be draining quite faster than it has to.

Samsung has not acknowledged any such battery bug so long. Those who have researched on this matter claim that there is a value in the system file and it is causing all the trouble. Consequently, the power consumption when the device is in the standby mode is almost 10 times more than what it has to be.

Luckily, the US variant of the smartphone need not worry as the handset is not affected. The international version of the smartphone is reported to be suffering from this issue. The battery life of the international version is not as expected. This issue might be resolved with an official update that squashes the bug.

Are you owning a Galaxy S3 smartphone? Are you facing the poor battery issue in your smartphone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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