Solar cells for smartphone displays

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Solar cells for smartphone displays

A team of researchers belonging to the University of Cambridge are currently working on a phone that can be charged rarely. They have made use of a prototype that will use the ambient light to generate electricity to power the phone.

The display of the mobile phone is made using solar cells that are made of hydrogenated amorphous silicon. They have added a thin coating of photovoltaic cells to this to make it more efficient.

The researchers claim that this will conserve the energy similar to the OLED and display only about 36% of the light that is used to generate the images. The rest of the energy will escape from the screen's edges.

As the voltage of the solar cells experienced fluctuations, the researchers have made a thin transistor circuit film to gain control of the voltage fluctuations and to use the electricity efficiently.

These thin film devices are fabricated on lightweight devices within temperatures of 150degrees Celsius making them attractive for the usage on mobile phones. The screen has a thin film coil that is used as receiver to reduce the magnetic coupling in the phones.

Once this technology comes into the market, it will definitely solve all the battery issues in the smartphones that is a big trouble in the case of high end devices that consume lot of power.

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