Solar Storm To Hit Earth Today; Disruption Of Radio, Satellite Signals Warned


Earthlings, beware! A solar storm is hurtling towards our planet at a speed of 1.6 million KMPH. The solar storm is expected to hit part of the Earth today, June 12. The intensity of the storm is quite massive and is expected to disrupt power lines, mobile connections, and other cables around the world.

Solar Storm To Hit Earth Today: What To Expect?

Solar Storm Meaning

Before going into more about the solar storm 2021, let's first understand what is a solar storm? In simple words, a solar storm is defined as the atmospheric effects felt on the Earth due to the events that happen on the Sun. Reports suggest a hole opening up in the Sun's atmosphere that spews out a stream of solar wind in the Earth's direction.

This solar wind or solar storm can be immensely powerful that it can disrupt Earth's magnetosphere by creating a shock wave. When the Earth's magnetosphere is disrupted, it can have a domino effect on modern communication and radio waves and signals. However, Earth's magnetic field acts as a protective shield that reduces the impact of the solar storm.

Solar Storm 2021 Today

Reports suggest the incoming solar storm can have some serious effect on Earth, especially on radio signals. Going into the details, the solar storm can disrupt the satellite signals when it comes in direct contact or collision. Radio signals, weather satellites, and other communicative signals can have a direct effect due to the solar storm.

NASA says the speed of the solar storm could further continue to increase as it comes closer to the Earth. That's not all. A report by SpaceWeather further suggests the solar storm can have a massive impact on the region of space dominated by Earth's magnetic field. NASA further says the speed could increase more than 1.6 million KMPH.


NASA has certified the solar storm 2021 as an X1.5-class flare, which could be quite intense. The Space Weather Prediction Centre of the United States says the solar flare will mainly be hitting the sub-polar point on the sunlit side of the Earth, mainly in the North or the South pole regions, which also leads to the aurora phenomenon. The solar storm 2021 will have less or no impact on us in India.

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