Sony SmartWatch receives update

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Sony SmartWatch receives update

There are several smart watches in the market at present. The Pebble smart watch is currently taking the website Kickstarter by storm. We have already seen about the Sony SmartWatch. To make it a stiff competitor to the new products are arriving, it needs regular updates.

Sony has come out with the first one for the SmartWatch. It has released two extensions to the SDK of the watch. The update adds a puzzle game and a music player extensions to the device.

The music player extension can be used to control the music playback on the Android smartphone right from the watch itself. It shows the track that is being played currently. It also lets you to navigate through the tracks and adjust the volume.

The Smart Watch is a wearable device that will extend the power of the Android smartphone. It has a 1.3 inch OLED display. This will notify the users about the updates and events using screen alert and vibration.

The Smart Watch will connect to the Android smartphones through Bluetooth. It offers the users, the ability to control the key functions of the phone without taking it out. To make the Smart Watch act as a remote information center to the Android smartphone, you just have to tap, touch and swipe on its touchscreen display.

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