SpaceX Civilian Mission Will Include Cancer Survivor, Billionaire: Everything You Need To Know


SpaceX is gearing up for its first all-civilian space trip, which won't include a professional astronaut on board. This would be the first of its kind aboard the SpaceX spaceship with the Dragon capsule. So far, SpaceX has carried NASA and other astronauts to the International Space Station back and forth.

SpaceX Civilian Mission Will Include Cancer Survivor, Billionaire

Here, the four civilian passengers aim to open space travel for everyone. The mission, named Inspiration4, will include diverse passengers. The four passengers will liftoff aboard the Falcon 9 rocket from Launch Complex 39A at Nasa's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The team will navigate the Earth for three days, getting a rich space travel experience.

Looking back, Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin also took a civilian space trip, but it lasted just a couple of minutes. The same can be said for Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space trip. However, the upcoming SpaceX space trip will go on for three days where the passengers can experience the first-of-its-kind glory from the first of its kind Cupola on the capsule.

SpaceX Civilian Flight: Four-Member Crew Details

The four civilians onboard include billionaire, Jared Isaacman. Interestingly, Isaacman, who is the found and CEO of Shift4 Payments, drafted the entire mission and even invited three people to join him on this excursion. Isaacman has handpicked the other three passengers and everyone has a specific reason and a role to play.

Isaacman is also passionate about piloting and holds a record for flying around the world in a light jet. He is also qualified to fly several military aircraft and has been passionate about space travel and exploration. He will also be commanding the entire mission for three days.

Next is Hayley Arceneaux, who is a cancer survivor and will represent "Hope" and will be the medical manager aboard the SpaceX trip. She was treated for bone cancer as a child at St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, for which Jared Isaacman organized a fundraiser. Arceneaux is also the youngest American to orbit around the Earth and also the first person with a prosthesis to go into space.

SpaceX Civilian Mission Will Include Cancer Survivor, Billionaire

Arceneaux is followed by Sian Proctor, a professor and astronaut candidate, who will be representing "Prosperity" and will pilot and assist the commander on the mission. Proctor teaches geology at a small college in Arizona and has even participated in an experiment in Hawaii simulating life on Mars. She will also be the fourth African American woman to go into space.

Lastly, Chris Sembroski, who is an Air Force veteran, will be representing "Generosity" and will manage the cargo and communication on the SpaceX trip. Sembroski presently works in the aeronautics industry for Lockheed Martin in Washington state. Isaacman handpicked him after donating part of a fundraiser for St. Jude's Hospital.

SpaceX Civilian Mission Will Include Cancer Survivor, Billionaire

SpaceX Civilian Flight Date, Time

NASA will also be overlooking the SpaceX civilian liftoff. The premier space agency says there will be a five-hour window for the launch, which will begin on Thursday, September 16 at 8:02 PM EDT (which is 5:32 AM on Friday, September 17, Indian time).

SpaceX will be live-streaming the liftoff on its channels. Also, the live updates and photos will be shared on SpaceX's social media handles. The entire trip will run for approximately three days and will return to Earth with a splash-down landing. SpaceX is aiming to fly the Dragon capsule at an orbit higher than the Hubble Space Telescope at 575 Km above Earth.

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