SpaceX, NASA Team Up Again; This Time To Crash Into An Asteroid


The number of asteroids coming into the Earth's orbit is numerous. NASA has been trying to explore what would happen if you crashed a satellite into the asteroid. Would this change the asteroid's course? To answer this question, NASA teamed up with SpaceX back in 2019 to explore the results. Looks like this experiment will take place in the coming days.

SpaceX, NASA Team Up To Crash Into An Asteroid

SpaceX, NASA Plan To Crash Into An Asteroid

SpaceX took to Twitter to share the latest development regarding the asteroid crashing expedition. Here, SpaceX has completed a static fire test and is aiming to launch the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) soon. If things go according to place, the NASA SpaceX project should liftoff on November 23.

Going into the details, the DART project aims to target a binary asteroid with two bodies called Didymos, which is the Greek word for twin. NASA and SpaceX have simply called these two bodies as Didymos A and Didymos B.

Here, Didymos B is 160 meters in size and orbits the larger Didymos A, which is 780 meters in size. Also to note, this binary asteroid would have passed Earth safely in 2022 and again in 2024. These weren't on track to make contact with our planet, making them perfect to check the impact of a satellite crashing into it.

The schedule notes that NASA will set off a satellite at 10:21 PM PT on November 23 (around 11:50 AM Indian Time). The satellite will "intentionally crash the DART spacecraft into an asteroid to see if that is an effective way to change its course, should an Earth-threatening asteroid be discovered in the future," SpaceX explained in its tweet.

Benefits Of Crashing Into An Asteroid

Asteroids can be powerful celestial objects, capable of wiping out an entire planet or at least destroying everything on it. NASA has already identified 23 such threatening objects that could potentially collide with the Earth over the next 100 years.


The strategy to crash the threatening asteroid with a satellite before it strikes seems like a good defense strategy. Even as threats loom on the horizon, NASA and its private space partners are gearing up to protect the Earth and all life on it by simply crashing the asteroid in space.

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