Start button removed from Windows 8

Posted By: Rahul

Start button  removed from Windows 8

Microsoft has removed the “Start” button from it's new operating system, the Windows 8. Yes, this news is surely going to disappoint die-hard Windows fans as the Start button has been an integral part of all Microsoft operating systems for the last 17 years. The start button had gained iconic status ever since the time it was incorporated in the Windows 95.

According to sources at Microsoft, Windows users needn't be disappointed as the functions that the start button provides can still be accessed through a “Hot Corner” that is synchronized to work in tandem with computer mouse and touchscreen interfaces. There is also an interface similar to thumbnails that allow accessing of the start screen. This concept according to Microsoft is one of the design enhancement that it has given to the Windows 8 interface.

Windows 8 is one of the highly anticipated operating system which is expected to hit the stores this year. This, according to industry insiders is expected to give Microsoft a boost and PC users(Tablet users included) across the world a never before seen experience. The question that props up at this juncture is “How will the Windows 8 look without the start button?”. Reply with your thoughts in our comment section below.

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