Swiss-based Jewellery Maker Savelli Launched Range of Luxury Smartphones Starting from Rs 5 lakhs

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Swiss-based jewelry company, Savelli has launched a range of handmade luxury Android smartphone in Abu Dhabiby a luxury watch dealer Mohammed Rasool Khouri and Sons.
According to the manufacturer, the collections consists of 11 devices, under the title "Jardin Secret".

Swiss-based Savelli Launched Smartphones Starting from Rs 5 lakhs

Moving to the price, it ranges from AED 30,600 ( approx Rs. 5.28 lakhs) to AED 386,617 ( approx Rs. 66.77 lakhs).

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In this list the most expensive among the 11 is dubbed as Black Insane and carries a price tag of AED 386,617. This device comes with 75 rectangular baguette-cut diamonds set in an oval shaped crown on the top of the phone.

And the cheapest among this is code-named as Blue Jean Ostrich, which comes at AED 30,600.

Swiss-based Savelli Launched Smartphones Starting from Rs 5 lakhs

"I wanted to create something totally new, never attempted before. A jewel of tomorrow, only for women. A design which would bring a new perspective on jewelry and in the luxury goods industry, an obsessive search for beautiful materials to work with.

From Ultra-Bombe crystal sapphire to hi-tech ceramic." He added: "We carefully select the best precious stones and set them using the ‘serti neige' or ‘snow setting' technique. Stones of differing diameters sit side-by-side, covering the precious metal to enhance the organic curves of each piece.

Where baguette-cut stones are used, Savelli employs a seamless setting technique for an immaculate finish," said (via Khaleej Times) Alessandro Savelli.

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