Tagged takes over Topicmarks

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Tagged takes over Topicmarks

The mission of Tagged is to help the strangers to meet one another online and so it must offer friend suggestions to users that you will like to add as friends and also those who will like you in return. This is the reason behind the acquisition of Topicmarks by Tagged. The former is a natural language processing as well as machine learning company.

It will allow Tagged to perfectly analyze a profile among the network of 100 million users and then match the profile with the rest in the community as per their vocabulary and the interests. The CEO, CTO and three senior engineers along with the technology of Topicmarks will soon join the Tagged network in exchange for the stock and cash. This service will exist in the active condition for a considerable period in future.

Greg Tseng, the CEO of Tagged tells that the acquisition price was not a low payout for Topicmarks as how people suspect the acquisition of Gowallla by Facebook. Tagged was quite profitable for almost four consecutive years with about 10 to 20 million active users every month. It grew to 150 from 50 employees in this year and it includes the 17 from acquisitions of Topicmarks, social messaging client, Digsby and game discovery platform, WeGame.

The existing service of Topicmarks will scan and then return the short summaries and then process the news articles' links, desktop files, RSS readers, Dropbox, Box.net and other such could storage services and more. The technology of Topicmarks will now be applied to the messages, profiles, comments and the statuses of the Tagged users.

Topicmarks will look for the topics that the users talk about, the punctuation and the emoticon usage, the fashion of writing. Then it will produce the bi-directional recommendations to the users who will be interested with one another.

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