Technology also produces magic

Posted By: Rahul

Technology also produces magic

Technology enables people to do almost anything, be it lighting a bulb to even creating magic. Scientists say that technology in future is going to work just like magic. So don't be amazed if you come across someone using a cellphone to switch off the lights in his/her home.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology(M.I.T) has already begun working on projects that seem to be magic. All these are going to be the future technology innovations. These technology magic enabling projects will be brought out very soon. One such demonstration of a technological innovation was done by Pranav Mistry, a research student at the M.I.T & developer of the sixth sense technology.

He demonstrated a technology which would enable people to do & learn pottery on a computer using 3D Technology. One more technological magic that was demonstrated was a pair of H.D. Glasses which would enable a user to translate a certain text into his/her preferred language just by wearing these glasses.

Pranav Mistry has also developed a device named Sparsh which enables users to transfer data just by touching. This leads us in believing that the future is going to be magical for us. Teletouch is another such innovation which enables people to move furniture & electronic items through a mobile phone. Mind Blowing stuff!.

Thus, by observing all the above technological innovations we can conclude that “Technology sure makes creating magic easy”.


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