Technology Events to watch out for in 2012

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Technology Events to watch out for in 2012

1) Windows 8 release: One of the most anticipated events in the technical sector, the Windows 8 operating system release has generated a lot of pre-launch hype. Windows 8 is expected to bring high profits apart from recognition to Microsoft. There are a host of features which provide a never-before computing environment to the users. All these make the Windows 8 launch the most anticipated events of 2012.

2) Carrying of a 3D camera to Mars: One of the most hyped tech-events, the 3D camera is expected to be carried to Mars which is a record. This event is expected to mark the beginning of an historical epoch in the field of Aeronautical Engineering. A science laboratory is also expected to be set-up on Mars. If this is done, a revolution is surely on the cards.

Technology Events to watch out for in 2012

3) Google+ revolution: Google+, as experts believe is sure to take the social networking world by storm in 2012. With a record number of users signing up for Google+ daily, the rating of Google+ is sure to improve by miles in 2012. The total number of users are also expected to triple in 2012.

4) Undocking of the Progress M-13M spacecraft on the International Space Station: The Progress M-13M spacecraft is expected to get undocked by January 2012, thus making it an anticipated event in the world of space research. This spacecraft was first docked on 2 Nov 2011. Ever since, there has been eager anticipation for it's undocking.

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