Technology exposes Karnataka Ministers

Posted By: Rahul

Technology exposes Karnataka Ministers

Technology sure has two sides to it. This fact is justified when we take the case of two Karnataka Ministers who were caught on camera watching pornographic content on their mobile phones during the Assembly session. One technical innovation i.e. the mobile phone was inflicted a big blow. Whereas another technical innovation namely the cleverly positioned surveillance camera received a shot in the arm. The camera also led to the ministers tendering their resignations.

In the video footage, one can clearly see both the ministers watching pornography on their mobile phones. The entire process was secretly filmed by a camera without the ministers' knowledge. Finally, the camera exposed the dastardly act. This topic has become a nationwide sensation and is spreading like wild fire.

Thus, Technology has a bigger role to play in these cases and also takes the initiative of reminding people that too much obsession with technology can have irreversible consequences. This act also comes as an eye opener to the Government of Karnataka and also to various Governments across the country.

Technology exposes Karnataka Ministers

The incident also slaps people on the face and tells them to adopt effective surveillance mechanisms during important events such as meetings, conferences, gatherings etc and thereby prevent people from becoming slaves of Technology.

One other benefit that Technology offered us was relaying of the above event live on national television. Call it Technology(Camera) snubbing Technology(Mobile Phone) which led to the ouster of the Karnataka ministers. Do tell us your opinion on the above in our comment section below.

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