Technology helps in crime investigation and crime fighting

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Technology helps in crime investigation and crime fighting

Technology is not restricted to everyday use, it can also be used to fight crime and prevent crimes from occurring in future as well. This can be justified when we examine the usage of technology in fighting crimes and their detection.

By making use of latest technology, technical gadgets anybody can fight crime and thereby reduce crime rates. This in turn leads to enrichment of safety and bettering lives.


We can take the example of the 2005 London Blasts where the terrorists were easily apprehended by using a cellphone. Likewise all major crimes across the world are detected with the help of technology.

The best crime-fighting weapon that technology has given us is the Cellphone. The cellphone images that we capture can lead the Police, Sleuths, Detectives directly to the criminals in many cases. Similarly, the video recording facility also acts like a secondary surveillance unit and thereby aids in crime detection & prevention.

The wireless devices can easily be carried to the place of investigation and leads to the crime and criminals can be established. The advantage that technology provides is the price factor i.e the wireless units, hand-held devices that work using digital principles cost much lesser than the conventional analog devices thereby making people dependent on them for investigation as well.

We can consider the case of New York city in which the Police department reported an approximate crime reduction rate of 40% after using wireless, remote monitoring devices. Likewise the Police in many countries across the world have reported to reduction in crime rates after upgrading themselves to latest technical surveillance units.

Similarly one more technological boon to mankind has been the GPS(Global Positioning System) which allows 24X7 monitoring, surveillance of vehicles. The GPS gives the exact location of a particular vehicle and thus allows the sleuths to arrive at the crime-scene( or crime- initiating spot) quickly. Through this, many lives are saved as well. The GPS, thus is gaining popularity and also is the most preferred, user friendly surveillance method.


There are many portable, compact investigative devices as well such as Spy Pens that allow continuous surveillance and help in fighting crime. These are definitely an added advantage to our Police Department as they help in collecting exact details of the crime thereby enabling the Police to take relevant steps to handle/ prevent crimes.

One more example for technological investigations is the use of computers. This concept is used by the Sleuths even in remote countries to investigate crime and stop them.

Police in many countries have appealed to citizens to use their cellphones, computers, handycams etc to record and report crimes( pre-planned crimes as well) and save lives. This when implemented effectively even by ordinary citizens will lead to a drastic reduction in crime rate across the world.

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