The World's Cheapest Tablet PC is a failure among the masses

Posted By: Rahul

The World's Cheapest Tablet PC is a failure among the masses

Aakash, deemed to be the world's cheapest Tablet PC is a complete failure in India. According to confirmed reports, Aakash which was launched with much fanfare & hype by the Indian Human Resource Development minister in October 2011 is a complete failure in it's pilot run.

This Tablet PC was basically targeted at students, the feedback received from over 650 students in the country states that the students are not happy with the Aakash's specifications and performance.

The major drawback according to them is the touch-screen interface that the Aakash tablet provides. This is coupled with the resistive mechanism that makes it quite uncomfortable to use. There are also complaints regarding the battery backup that is offered by the tablet and the internet access which can only be obtained using Wi-Fi mechanism. All these have led to frustrations among the users.

Majority of the users stated that the battery often dies out when multimedia content is being played in the tablet. In addition to the above technical flaws, there are also other reported defects( both physical & technical) which needs to be sorted out soon.

There are also reports of the Aakash's sales being hit by the Beetel Magiq Tablet PC which is also quite affordable & feature-filled.

All in all, the Aakash(which runs on the android 2.2 operating system) needs some upgradations quickly and needs to cater extensively to the student community to gain popularity among the masses.

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