This India-Made Tower Speaker Can Replace Your Crappy Smart TV Speakers


The worst thing about modern Smart TVs is their mediocre sound system. While the sound quality is adequate for news and podcast sessions, it may fall short to fill the room for a movie night. If you can relate to the experience, Elista's new budget tower speaker might be something you want to try out.

This India-Made Tower Speaker Can Replace Your Crappy Smart TV Speaker

The TT 14000AUFB Twin Tower setup is priced at Rs. 10,500 and offers a respectable 140W sound output. The 'Made in India' tower speakers come from the house of Elista, a part of the UAE-based brand TeknoDome. Let's check out the key specifications and features.

Elista TT 14000AUFB Twin Tower Key Features

The Elista TT 14000AUFB Twin Tower is essentially a combination of two tower speaker sets. The twin tower speakers bring a modern design complemented by a dual-tone wooden finish. Both tower speakers' upper half is painted in a glossy finish, while the lower half has a darker tone that adds to the premium appeal. The upper half portion mounts the dual speakers. The embedded LED strips improve the towers' visual appeal and make it all premium.

Each speaker unit has a dimension of 58.4 x 93.4 x 38.4 cm and weighs around 25 kg. So, the portability factor isn't super great with this pair. Ideally, it should be placed beside your smart TV cabinet. Both speaker collectively drives a massive output of 140W that should be sufficient for a big-sized living room.

Speaking of which, the Elista TT 14000AUFB can be easily paired with any compatible Android smart TV. You will just have to follow the standard pairing process as you would with any wireless speaker and your TV. Also, you can connect the speakers with compatible devices using the AUX cable. If you are wondering where the AUX cable is placed; well, it's on the right panel.


Additionally, the right panel also accommodates the extra connectivity ports and the power key. This control panel on the right edge will also let you control the volume levels and tweak the bass and treble. The Elista TT 14000AUFB Twin Tower speaker also comes with a microphone port so that you can carry on with Karaoke sessions and house parties. Elista is shipping a wireless mic with this twin tower speaker saving you some extra bucks.

Elista TT 1400)AUFB Twin Tower Speaker Price In India

The Elista TT 14000AUFB Twin Tower can be purchased at Rs. 10,500 in India. At this price range, this twin tower speaker faces heat from some of the popular counterparts such as Akai-HA-TS50, Obage-DT-2605 tower speaker, and F&D T200X 70 watt.

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