Top 5 reasons why you should be switching to Tablet PCs in 2012

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Top 5 reasons why you should be switching to Tablet PCs in 2012


The Tablet PC fire is raging on. 2011 can be easily coined as the " Year of Tablet PCs". In 2012, experts believe that the sales of the tablet pcs are going to overtake that of 2011 by at least three times. That is, the sales of the tablets in 2012 are going to become triple.

This is surely exciting news. Based on this, we have compiled the top 5 reasons why you should go in for a tablet this year.

1) Good, improved screen configuration:

In 2012, tablet pcs are expected to come with better screen resolutions than those of their predecessors in 2011. One major reason for this is the improvements, enhancements that the tablet pc manufacturers are incorporating into their tablets.

The best example for this is the rumored retina display in the iPad 3. This was not present in the iPad2. If the retina display is implemented in the iPad3, then the iPad3 is surely going to become a hot favorite in 2012.

2) Efficient Processors:

In 2011 more people switched from laptops, desktops to tablets because of the efficient processing that the tablet pcs provide.

2012 is expected to witness more and more quad-core tablet launches. With latest technology being implemented in the processors, manufacturers are integrating more components within the processors to ensure efficient processing of users' instructions.

All these ensure that the performance of tablets matches up to the laptops. Thus, tablet pcs are surely going to revolutionize the digital world in 2012.

3) Intuitive, efficient user interaction:

The tablet pcs which are going to be launched in 2012 are expected to be more interactive than their 2011 predecessors as they provide intuitive interfaces as well as intuitive controls. There are also many user-customizable options that the tablets provide the users. By using these, the tablet pc users are surely going to enjoy their computing experience more than they did with their conventional computers.

User awareness about the tablet pcs has also increased many-fold and in 2012 this factor may lead to witnessing of a record number of tablet pc sales. Thus, tablet pc usage is all  set to become more interactive, intuitive in 2012.

4) Enhanced battery life:

One major factor based on which the users select their computing devices is their battery life. In 2012 tablets are all set to get an enhanced battery from their manufacturers thereby ensuring long-duration usage along with maximizing performance.

Through the enhanced battery life, users can enjoy their content for a longer duration and this in turn leads to user satisfaction. Almost all major tablet pc manufacturers are incorporating batteries with better battery life and are all set to make this a reality in 2012.

5) App support:

This is also one of the major reasons why one should go in for a tablet pc in 2012. Apps that were considered as incompatible are being synced with tablet pc interfaces and this is going to become a reality in 2012. These apps can easily be synced with other devices as well. The best example is the apps that run on both the i Pads as well as iPhones.

These apps are also constantly being updated by manufacturers as well. Using these apps, the computing of the users become more enjoyable and the user tasks are simplified to a great extent as well.


Consider the above factors, head to the nearest Tablet PC store and grab a tablet computer now.

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