Top Five Tech Stories of 2011

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2011 was really an explosive year to all in the mobile industry take it the mergers to the phones, mobile operating systems and wireless technologies. The industry was facing different situations like action, growth, winners, losers, conflict and progress in this year.

It faced many things like the emergence of the Android tablet, the rebirth of Android, Windows Phone and iOS mobile platforms, the disappearance of the Web-OS tablets and phones, the failure of the AT&T and T-Mobile combination and so on. Here we present to you the five top stories that rocked the mobile industry in 2011.

1. Android's dominance: The success of Android cannot be compared. It was having zero market presence about three years back and now it has come to the position of the largest smartphone platform sold across the world. Recently, Android has experienced a confinement only recently but however, Google is activating over 550,000 devices powered by Android almost everyday.

Google has also released a new version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. Android is not only seeping into the mobile phones but also into the tablets, media players, watches and many more.


Top Five Tech Stories of 2011

2. AT&T and T-Mobile merger: AT&T tried to acquire T-Mobile USA and failed in it. The plan for this acquisition was revealed in March and played quite well in the step by step process.

This deal was an attempt made to combine the second and the fourth largest wireless carriers in US together and thereby make it enormous in the market. This idea was reviewed for months by the Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commissions.

3. Good, Bad and Ugly Tablets: In January 2011 CES, the electronic companies from across the world introduced about 50 new tablets. Of these 50, obviously only few of them were highly successful. The tablets started off too crowded but at the end of the year only few of them managed to remain in the market.

Those tablets that remain still are Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, HP TouchPad, Apple iPad 2 and RIM's PlayBook. Of these, the Apple iPad 2 is the dominant one and the second position goes to Galaxy Tab of Samsung. RIM and HP are still struggling to retain their position and havn't been seen in the market since sometime.

4. 4G flight: The wireless and mobile technologies have traveled quite a long way and at present the wireless network operators are very keen about the building up of the 4G mobile broadband networks. AT&T is looking forward to use the LTE and HSPA+, while Sprint is trying hard to switch from WiMax to the LTE.

Even T-Mobile is rolling out its HSPA+ network and Verizon Wireless is about to dominate the 4G field with its own LTE network. The movement towards 4G will work well on the progress of the carriers in the next year. Verizon seems to have a strong foundation.

5. iPhone 5: You might be wondering that there is still nothing known as iPhone 5 but this mobile that does not exist has occupied the sixth place on the Google Zeitgeist of 2011. iPhone 5 was anticipated to be launched many months ago by both the analysts and consumers.

It was rumored to have an 8 MP camera, larger display, edge to edge glass and exclusive voice controls. This finally did not happen and apple released the iPhone 4S instead.

These are not the only hot storied of the year 2011 and there are many more to add to the list. But these five stories are the ones that have come to the top of the list pushing the rest to the bottom.

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