TRAI Restricts Cheaper SMSes at 100 a Day

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TRAI Restricts Cheaper SMSes at 100 a Day

The telecom regulatory authority of India, TRAI has finally acted upon the long standing issue of mobile users getting spammed with promotional messages. They have directed mobile operators to limit sending of such cheaper SMS for each connection to a maximum of 100 per day. 

This would block the unhealthy practice of telemarketers spamming users with thousands of messages by means of bulk purchase even at rates as low as 1 ps/message. TRAI has also directed operators to charge minimum of 50 ps per SMS if the users violate this limit of 100 messages per day. 

TRAI while giving this directive has also told operators to implement this new rule within 15 days. They have also informed operators on their zero tolerance policy towards the unregistered telemarketers and made it mandatory for operators to block such telemarketers from using their network for spamming users with millions of messages. 

As per the figures available with TRAI, there are more telemarketers than the registered number of 2771. TRAI Principal Advisor, N Parameswaran made clear their decision on restricting this pesky message business and said “"It is going to be a zero tolerance area for the authority. The menace of pesky SMS will be controlled. This is the first step, more will follow." He insisted that the unregistered marketers should follow the norms insisted by TRAI and register themselves or else face the consequences. 

TRAI has also given a firm directive to operators to set up a full proof complaint Redressal system, where in any user can register a complaint by sending a message or giving a call to a prescribed number 1909. Users just need to give the number from which they got the unsolicited message and the date on which they received it. 

Operators and authorities need to confirm receiving this complaint and send back a unique acknowledge number. Earlier TRAI was considering limiting SMS for each user to 200 per day. It is being taken off and replaced with this new rule regarding the limiting of cheaper peskier messages to 100 per day. 

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