Twitter partners with Mixi of Japan

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Twitter partners with Mixi of Japan


Mixi, a Japanese based social network recently announced the partnership with the micro-blogging website Twitter and it mentioned that both the social networking companies will function together n advertising opportunities, new business services and product development in Japan.

Already some news about the partnership of the Japanese Mixi with some company like Twitter wit about 22 million users in it was rumored last week but it didn't prove true and so it was not taken so significant. The tie-up between the two companies will develop a lot of useful and beneficial initiatives of which the first one is the Miximas.

The Miximas is an app with the theme of Christmas and it has many in-built supports to Twitter so that the users can share the content on Twitter, the micro-blogging website and also on Mixi, the Japanese social network.. The couple will further combine all their resources for other special occasions also like the New Year and the Mother's Day. Most of the impacts are mainly limited to the everyday use in Japan alone.

During the earthquake that happened in Japan early this year, Twitter was highly effective and helpful and in response to this contribution made by Twitter, Mixi has combined with it to offer some services in case of some disasters and emergencies thereby enabling the Japanese public to communicate.

In Japan, Twitter is largely used and this is evident from the last year Football World Cup as the users from Japan created a record for most number of tweets made in one minute. This record was broke this year during the pregnancy news of the famous pop-star Beyonce broke out but still it is a proof to show how popular is Twitter in Japan.

Mixi, the new partner of Twitter in Japan is the most famous social network there but still Mixi has some rivals like the DeNA and GREE which are added to Facebook but they are still small and are growing.

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