Twitter Testing Autoplay Video Feature In Its iPhone, iPad App

After Facebook's phone app and money sending feature, Twitter is now testing autoplay video feature on its iPhone and iPad apps. As a test run, some iOS users in the US who use the Twitter app on their devices will be able to notice videos playing automatically without even pressing the play button.

A report on the Advertising Age stated that one part of the two-pronged experiment will provide some users entire videos being autoplayed in loop, while in the other prong, users will see looping 6-second autoplay previews teasing a video.

Twitter Testing Autoplay Video Feature In Its iPhone, iPad App

Similar to the Facebook feature, the videos will autoplay in mute mode and once a user clicks on either video format, the video will expand to full-screen and will have sound enabled.

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Autoplay videos is the latest and easiest way for companies to attract user attention. With autoplay there is little scope for users to spend time reading what the video is about before clicking it. It boosts the view numbers which can in turn help companies guage consumer interest and customise their content accordingly.

Till date, Twitter counted a video as viewed once someone clicked on it to play, while Facebook counts a video as viewed after it has played for three seconds.

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