Twitter tops the list of most popular social networking websites of 2011

Posted By: Rahul

Twitter tops the list of most popular social networking websites of 2011

An annual survey states that Twitter, the popular social networking site has topped the ranking charts for 2011 as the most preferred social networking site. This comes as a shot in the arm for twitter which was reportedly on the wane after the evolution of Google+. Twitter has even managed to beat the likes of LinkedIn & Facebook, thus revolutionizing modern social networking.

These ratings are calculated according to the Zeta Buzz score. The higher the Zeta Buzz Score, the better the social networking site rating. The biggest loser has been Facebook, which is considered as the World's top social networking site, which fell to fourth place in the ratings.

One reason for Twitter's first place can be attributed to the fact that Twitter finds mention in millions of blogs & other social media sites. This has vastly contributed to the positive growth that was observed in twitter. Another major development in the ratings is of LinkedIn which has gained three places from last year's rating 7 has managed to finish second.

Two new social networking sites namely Meetup, which finished in the sixth place & Ning, which finished in the ninth place have also gained considerable momentum. However, a shocking trend that has been observed here is the decline of YouTube & Flickr which were first & second respectively in 2010.

Google+, which could not find a place in the top ten, mainly because of it's delayed launch is expected to gain considerably in 2012 and is expected to become a strong contender as the Google+ is receiving a lion's share of new user accounts.

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