Two Black Holes Discovered In Milky Way: Millions More Undiscovered


Black Hole was first discovered by Karl Schwarzschild in 1916 and recently we got to see a direct image of a black hole. There are numerous undiscovered black holes in the Milky Way out of which two have been discovered by a pair of Japanese scientists.

Two Black Holes Discovered In Milky Way: Millions More Undiscovered


Black Holes Discovered in Milky Way

Daichi Tsuna and Norita Kawanaka, are the ones who discovered the matter of consuming stars from the interstellar space. The research titled "Radio Emission from Accreting Isolated Black Holes In Our Galaxy" suggests that order of 10^8 isolated black holes (IBHs) are hiding in our Galaxy besides the few of the "stellar-mass black holes" discovered in the Binary System earlier.

How Were The Black Holes Discovered?

The scientists, who carried out the research, studied the electron acceleration produced via shock forming in between the surrounding material and the outflow. Further, the studies were carried out to track the consequent radio synchrotron emitted from the accelerated electrons.

Following this, the overall spatial and velocity distributions were obtained by numerical calculations of the orbits. As per the experts, this survey could help identify several IBHs using SKA1-mid (SKA2) as ∼ 30 (∼ 700). The data collected by the SKA (Square Kilometer Array Telescope project) gives some insight into the characteristics of the black holes discovered in the Milky Way.

The latest discovery has given the scientists an idea about the existence of these stellar-mass black holes in a large population of IBHs with no companion star. Moreover, the research also gives an idea of the surrounding properties of the black star.

This is not the first time that the scientists had a breakthrough in black star discoveries. Earlier this year, the first-ever image of a black hole was shared by the astronomers who utilized a network of telescopes to capture the supermassive black hole at the center of galaxy M87. And with the latest findings, it would not be wrong to expect numerous undiscovered black holes in the space.

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