University Students get Aakash Tablet for free

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University Students get Aakash Tablet for free

It is exciting news for university and college students in the country as the government has plans to offer the low cost tablet, Aakash to them for free.

Regarding this, Kapil Sibal, the HRD and Communications & IT Minister of India said that the government is planning to distribute the Aakash tablets to the students for free.

He also added that this step is taken by the government to deliver the e-learning experiences to all of them. This was announced at the summit that was organized by the Indian Semiconductor Association, Bangalore.

Sibal has explained that the tablet will cost Rs. 1,500 and it will get a subsidiary from the government for Rs. 750 and the balance Rs. 750 will be borne by the institutions so that it is made completely free for the students.

The government has some to plans make an ecosystem to facilitate the end to end production of this tablet in India. The cost of the device for the other buyers will be Rs. 2,500 as announced earlier.

India requires some improvement in the manufacturing sector and the ministry is seeking to set it right. The low cost Aakash tablet was announced in October 2011 and it has been a base to change the digital landscape of the country.

The tablet was available for pre-orders online in December. The minister said that the rich have the access to all the digital trends but the poor do not. This tablet is a means that can eliminate this division.

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