Unseen Apple Macintosh 1983 commercial rediscovered

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Unseen Apple Macintosh 1983 commercial rediscovered
Old is gold! As the saying goes, an advertisement for Apple Macintosh from the year of 1983 has started surfacing online techworld via YouTube. The video clip was released by a creator of the original team of Apple Macintosh computer. In the past, it was not a commercial advertisement for the people; rather the video commercial was used by Apple for its own sales conferences. 

Now, this commercial advertisement has been posted by Mr. Andy Hertzfeld, who is a renowned person known for developing the Mac user-interface on Google+ and the designing and development of Mac Motherboard. 

The video commercial for Apple Macintosh features the actual creators of Mac. As per the sources, this video clip in YouTube is described as ‘Snippets from interviews with members of the original Macintosh design team, recorded in October 1983 for projected TV commercials that were never used’. The video features interviews with Burrel Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, George Crow, Bill Atkinson and Mike Murray. Interested users can click below for watching the video commercial. 

1983 Apple Macintosh commercial 

The video has many interesting quotes from the creators. “We designed the Macintosh because we wanted one for ourselves and we couldn’t get one” said one of the creators. This 1983 commercial advertisement for Apple Macintosh was not approved by Apple. But after that Apple went on to release the iPod commercials which were a hit among viewers. 

Another creator of Apple Macintosh stated, “Demonstrating a Macintosh is the only way to do it; if I can get you to sit in front of one, you won’t let go of it. We were just trying to make something incredibly great and I think we did”. This unseen Apple Macintosh 1983 video commercial has already started attracting users in YouTube. It is worth to have a glimpse of this incredible team who create Apple Macintosh way back in 1983. 

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