Update makes Google Chrome faster

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Update makes Google Chrome faster

The new update released for the Google Chrome browser has got several improvements like faster browsing speed and malcious download protection.

From now onwards, just type in the address box of Chrome and it will auto-complete the link that you like to visit and also pre-render the web page and make the overall browsing experience to be faster than before.

When speaking about security, the web browser checks the executable files that you download from internet. It will then match the executables with its whitelist which is a list of the programs that are safe. If the respective file is not in this list, then it will add some more checks.

This update has come just a day after the company has announced the Chrome browser for the Android operating system. Google has promised some more updates also to the browser in the near future like image editor and Verizon 3G activation portal to the Chrome in near future.

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