US Air Force might soon be building AI autonomous drones

This is something straight out of a Hollywood film.


The Air Force is testing AI-powered autonomous drones that will help human pilots better perform their mission. The Air Force said in a press release that it was seeking input from the tech industry in a new AI initiative for self-driven autonomous drones it calls Skyborg.

US Air Force might soon be building AI autonomous drones


The drones are at an initial stage, the Air Force is also seeking market research and concept of operation analysis. This will give them an idea of what technologies are available for such drones. The Air Force is also seeking to develop prototypes of the autonomous drones by 2023.

The Air Force wants the system to avoid other aircraft, terrain, obstacles, and hazardous weather. The AI will also drones to take flight and land by themselves. Skyborg will also have the option to be operated by a human being with little or no piloting experience. The organization is also seeking a "separate payload and flight architecture to allow for modular adjustments and adaptability."

The Skyborg system will be able to use different sensors depending on the mission, such as a camera or particle detection sensor. "The primary goal of the Skyborg program is to deploy a modular, fighter-like aircraft that can be used to quickly update and field iteratively more complex autonomy to support the warfighter," said the request for information.

The new drone resembles the fighter jet shown in the 2005 Hollywood film Stealth. It would be able to similar things that the fighter jet did in the movie. Taking cues from movies, a bunch of British creators has developed an Ironman-like suit called the 'jet suit.'

It is a wearable flight system that has turbine engines placed on the arms and rear of the suit. The gas turbines are capable of producing over 1,000 brake horsepower to take flight and can reach up to speeds over 55mph (89kph).

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