Use Of Signal Boosters, Wireless Jammers Illegal In India


The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has issued a fresh public advisory on the use of signal boosters and wireless jammers in the country, which is a long-debated topic in India. The telecommunications department has just announced that the use of wireless jammers, signal repeaters or boosters, GPS blockers, and other signal jamming devices is illegal in the country except when the government permits it.

Use Of Signal Boosters, Wireless Jammers Illegal In India

However, authorized organizations, including state or union territory governments, police forces, and defense forces are allowed to procure signal jammer models. These organizations and governments can are approved by the central government to use the equipment.

On the other hand, private sector organizations, as well as individuals, are restricted from using signal jammers. Furthermore, it is illegal to advertise, distribute or sell these products in the country.

Use Of Signal Boosters Illegal In India

Besides signal jammers that block the signal, the DoT advisory has also directed that the use of signal boosters or repeaters is also unlawful. These devices are used to amplify the cell phone signal reception but the authorized usage of these products cause disruption in the public telecommunications services and compromises the quality and coverage of the network.

In addition, the use of signal boosters is said to pose a risk and disrupt the crucial calls made by the public to hospitals and police among others. DoT has also conveyed that it is illegal for individuals and organizations to have signal boosters in possession. The central government has authorized only licensed telecom service providers to use these products in India. The latest directive has also ruled that selling and distributing signal boosters in the country is illegal.

Notably, these are punishable offenses and if you have any details regarding the illegal use, possession or sale of any of the equipment mentioned above, it is important to inform the Wireless Monitoring Organisation (WMO) or DoT for immediate and necessary action.


These cases are dealt with laws such as The Indian Telegraphy Act, 1885 (Section 20 & others), The Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933 (Section 6,6.1 & others) and The Information Technology Act, 2000.

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