Verizon plans for 4G in 2012

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Verizon plans for 4G in 2012

Verizon possesses a range of 4G enables products for the next year and this also includes the smartphones. This carrier company also has some plans to make the 4G devices more affordable. These attempts will be the key steps in extending the service of Verizon to the edge in today's competition.

The company was in a race against its own self when it came to the 4G LTE but in the next year this case will definitely be different as the rivals will work quite quickly in rolling out their next-generation networks.

As said by the company's Chief Market Officer, Marni Walden “Verizon has led the rivals today and it will continue to do so to retain the lead position as it is highly time consuming to build up the things.” She says that the company strongly believes in itself that it can lead for some more time.

It is quite challenging for the carriers to offer s faster 4G service so that they can win the consumers in the market that is already saturated. As per an analyst, the smartphones present more date crushing requirements and the demand for fast and and highly reliable networks is growing more important everyday and definitely not less.

Verizon has its lead planted deep down when compared with the other competitors in the field of 4G LTE's deployment. As per the statement of the company, its 4G LTE network will reach over 200 million users within December 15th which is a good number that breaks its earlier target, 185 million users. It is sure to reach over 190 markets with the Ohio and Youngstown being the recently added ones.

The rivals of Verizon, Sprint will offer WiMax which is a variation of the 4G that will wean when it comes to LTE in 2012 while T-Mobile USA and AT&T have offered a 3G upgraded version already and mentioned it is 4G. Of these, AT&T recently rolled out its new 4G service is over 15 cities. However, the massive campaign on marketing has enabled Verizon to spread the sense of the 4G LTE and is a step ahead of all its rivals.

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