VideoCaptcha destroyed!

Posted By: Rahul

VideoCaptcha destroyed!

The NuCaptcha which is one of the well known & popular video internet security mechanisms can be destroyed according to researchers. Researchers at the Stanford University have devised a method that breaks down the NuCapthca with an accuracy of 90 percent.

This video captcha breaking tool is called DeCaptcha. This makes use of various specialized algorithms to cripple the graphics based Captcha technique. The term graphics includes both images & video-based mechanisms.

The researchers further state that crippling the video-based Captcha is much more easier than breaking down the image based mechanism The algorithms that aid in breaking the Video Captcha mechanism resort to motion tracking & also carry out flow analysis process. Through this, the objects are easily recorded & evaluated & their appearance over different frames is also recorded.

The NuCaptcha in spite of being incorporated with various mechanisms to combat attacks of the above types are vulnerable & the vulnerability is at a high rate. When general Captcha are taken into consideration, they require you to enter a combination of various letters along with alphanumeric characters, these characters are easy to isolate & recover, say researchers. This procedure is the same for image based Captcha mechanisms as well.

Thus, we can say that the internet world is losing it's security which in turn is leading to more & more user data being compromised. Time to resort to some high level online security mechanisms.

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